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Professional History

Past Positions

*Customer service and designer-Encinitas,CA, *Buyer/designer-Carlsbad, CA

*Designer-Kettering,OH*Designer,specialty,funeral pieces-Dayton,OH*Designer specializing in wedding and funeral work,-Dayton,OH


*Owner/Designer-TulipDragonDesigns florist -Albuquerque,NM

Leaf Pattern Design

(Floral Designer)-The art of composing live, dried,or silk flowers and foliage for decorative displays.


The Full Story

My early beginnings in the floral industry were modest. I started at a small greenhouse in Leucadia,CA making hand bouquets. Later, I was hired as a customer service person in Encinitas,CA. I fell in love with all things flowers and begged my boss to teach me how to make those beautiful arrangements. She sent me to a local school teaching basic design principles and mechanics of constructing bouquets. We formed a lasting friendship. My experience at that first shop would enable me to move on to be a flower buyer and designer for wholesalers in the floral trade center in Carlsbad, CA where I would lead a team of people that produced arrangements for a chain grocery store. In the years to come, I worked with many individual shop owners on weddings. The excitement of creating bouquets and centerpieces,going to different locations for set up was my new found obsession. I loved the way a venue looked after we were finished. In the mid 90's I moved to Ohio, worked at two large florists with greenhouses and one smaller florist in the Dayton area. Through them gained much knowledge and experience with funeral and more wedding work. What a treat to have access to greenhouse plants to compliment designs. I looked back on those years fondly, the space to create makes all the difference to us artist types.

Fast forward to the 2000'ands until present.-Yet another life change, I moved to Albuquerque,NM, land of Enchantment, and some say entrapment. It's not a bad thing, I feel at home here, and will call this place home for life. Shortly after settling in I was hired as a manager at a local florist. Alas, I needed a change of career. I entered into the non-profit industry for the next 10 years, worked as a skills trainer, job developer and guardianship coordinator for people in the "fragile"population. Absolutely loved it. Floristry never left me, employed once again, with a local florist, after much thought,I ventured out on my own and now have a successful business brand specializing in personal customer service. Living in this beautiful state gave me the environment needed to achieve this.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to meeting with you for any flower needs.


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