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I love an August night...

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Here in the Southwest, August brings us rain, oh so needed rain. It's also especially hot and humid. Beautiful flora and fauna abound to remind us that fall is just around the corner for relief. Tomatoes, chiles, and squash are never ending. As if to mimic the colors of those vegetables, come the poppies, and gladiolus. Vibrant hues for both of these flowers make them fitting to be August's flowers. With an elevated "flower" shape, the poppy embodies what it means to be a flower. Single stems blooming into brilliant color, fading into an unmistakable seed pod. Sadly, some poppy varieties are difficult to grow, and as a cut flower is short lived. Enjoy them in your garden.

Gladiolus on the other hand, are very easy to grow, and return year after year. Tall and showy, these beauties come in many colors and variation. Excellent for cut flower arranging. Cut them in bud form for longest life.

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